Music, Computers and Deconstruction

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Hi and welcome to my page on the WWW. On here you will find many things I deem interesting enough to publish to a greater Audience. Right now I am phd-student at the Institut für Musikwissenschaft/Sound Studies in Bonn, so quite a few things will most likely revolve around this topic. Since I studied computer science before starting my doctorate project, so you will also find many interesting bits on that topic.

So enough with the introduction for now, just stroll a bit around on the menu to the right and have fun.


Sucker Punch (Part 1)

I watched the new Zack Snyder movie "Sucker Punch" at the wake up kino at Kinopolis Bonn yesterday. I must say I liked this movie a lot. Because I wanted to know what others think I had a look at the ratings at IMDB. If you have look at the reviews there, you'll probably notice one thing very soon. The ratings are either very high, 8, 9 or even 10 stars, or very low, around 1 or 2 stars. There just seems to be some kind of movies that seperate the people into those that love it and those that hate it. There probably is a good reason for that, and some of the points I am going to offer might serve to explain this seperation a little. Let's just have a look at some parts of the movie to see what it so special about it.

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Monads For C++0x

So the C++0x standard is just around the corner. I installed GCC 4.5 just recently so I can play around with the new features. As a enthusiastic functional programmer I am of course very thrilled about the lambda-expressions that will soon be a full part of the C++ language.

I'll probably play around a lot with the new standard, so it is likely there will be more posts on C++0x features during the next weeks. I am not sure how much time I will have besides work and research, so it might take a while to finish the next play projects.

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Laws Of Form And Lambda-Calculus

I just finished reading a very good introduction to the Laws of Form. If you speak German and want to get a good grasp of the Concepts of Gordon Spencer-Browns ideas I really recommend Felix Lau's book.

While reading this book I noticed something I have not found in any text yet. For me there seems a striking similarity between the foundations of functional programming and the ideas of the calculus invented by Spencer-Brown.

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